Customer privacy policy

This policy applies to Wanxiangchupin Inc., processing of customer personal data.The purpose of this policy is to give our current, former and potential customers (collectively referred to as "customers" or you) a general understanding of:(i)The circumstances under which we collect and process your personal data;(ii)The types of personal data we collect;(iii)The reason for collecting your personal data;(iv)How do we process your personal data.

committed to

The processing of your personal data constitutes an important part of the products and services we provide to you. When you provide us with your personal data, we thank you for your trust in us and regard protecting your privacy as an important part of the services we provide.
In order to protect your personal data, while enhancing customer value and providing a better and safer repair experience, we follow the following five basic principles.

Freedom of Choice

Your personal data belongs to you. We try our best not to make any assumptions about your privacy preferences, and are committed to designing our services so that you can choose whether to share your personal data with us.

Balance of Interests

When the processing of your personal data is necessary for the pursuit of a legitimate right, and this benefit exceeds the need to protect your privacy, we may process certain personal data without your explicit consent. For details, see the "Agree" section below.
We will assess whether such legal rights are established based on the potential benefits (including safety) to our customers and the public.


Wanxiangchupin Inc. endeavors to process only appropriate and not excessive customer personal data related to the purpose of collection.
Our goal is to anonymize your personal data when a function or service can be implemented using anonymous data. If we combine anonymous or non-personal data with your personal data, it will be treated as personal data as long as it remains combined.


Wanxiangchupin Inc., will provide customers with more information about our processing of your personal data upon request, which may include excerpts from internal instructions and guidelines.

Abide by the Law

The policy of Wanxiangchupin Inc., is to comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations for privacy and data protection in every country in which we operate. If necessary, we will adjust our processing of your personal data as described in this policy to ensure compliance with the law.

Useful Definition

"Personal sensitive data" refers to personal data revealing race or ethnicity, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, and processing data related to health or sexual life.

Data Collection

When using the Wanxiangchupin Inc. service during vehicle maintenance or outside the vehicle or contacting Wanxiangchupin Inc. in other ways, for example, through our website or customer center, you may provide us with information about you or your vehicle. We may also obtain this data from our authorized dealers, repairers or other third parties. This type of data ("Customer Provided Personal Data") may include:(i)Your contact information (name, address, phone number, email, etc.);(ii)Vehicle information (Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), model, date of purchase, maintenance history, etc.);(iii)Location data generated by your activities (navigation assistance, search queries, location sharing, etc.);(iv)Your driver's license information.

Your vehicle will also automatically collect data related to the vehicle and its surrounding environment, mainly technical data, which is not directly related to you. This type of data ("vehicle record data") is usually linked to the vehicle's vehicle identification number (VIN) and may therefore be traced back to you. Vehicle record data includes:(i)Safety information (whether the airbag or seat belt tensioner has been triggered, whether the doors and windows are locked or opened, etc.);(ii)System function status (engine, throttle, steering and braking, etc.);(iii)Driving data (vehicle speed, use of brake and accelerator pedals, steering wheel movement, etc.);(iv)Location data (the location of the vehicle at the time of the accident, etc.);(v)Environmental data (external temperature of the vehicle, images, etc.).

In accordance with the requirements of applicable laws, we take extra care and take additional measures when collecting and processing sensitive personal data. For the personal driver's license number and credit card number stored by Wanxiangchupin Inc., such information is also considered as sensitive data. For the avoidance of doubt, we note that applicable laws may require other types of data to also be treated as personal sensitive data.


When reasonably practicable or as required by applicable laws, we will provide you with (i) specific information about the purpose for processing your personal data, (ii) the identity of the data controller, and (iii) possibly when collecting or registering your personal data. The identity of the third party of the disclosed data, (iv) other necessary information to ensure that you can protect your rights.


When reasonably practicable or as required by applicable laws, we will obtain your consent before collecting or using your personal data. The request for your consent will be very clear and will provide you with a reasonable basis for making a decision. Your consent can always be revoked, for example, by terminating a particular service or following the address indicated in the "Information and Access" section below Wanxiangchupin Inc.,
It may be necessary to collect and use vehicle record data so that (i) technicians can diagnose and repair vehicle faults during repairs and maintenance.
When collecting or using vehicle record data for these purposes and similar legitimate rights pursued by Wanxiangchupin Inc., we generally will not ask for your consent unless it is deemed necessary in individual circumstances or required by applicable laws.

Third-party Applications

You may be able to access applications and other services linked to the vehicle but provided by a third party. For example, you may need to transmit vehicle record data such as location data to a third party. Wanxiangchupin Inc., is not responsible for the collection or use of personal data in third-party applications or services, and recommends that you carefully read the applicable terms and conditions (and any related privacy statements) before using such applications or services . If you have any questions about a specific third party's use of your personal data, please contact that third party directly.

Data Usage

The personal data about you and the vehicle collected by Elite Collision Center will be used to:(i)To provide you with products and services, and to provide you with improved maintenance techniques and experience;(ii)To inform you of updates or changes to our services, including but not limited to changes to our terms and conditions and policies;(iii)Inform you of maintenance progress, items and after-sales service;(vi)Provide vehicle support and services (insurance services, warranty information, etc.);(v)Used to evaluate and improve our repair quality and service, and communication with customers.

Comply with Legal Requirements.

For most processing actions, you can revoke your consent to the processing by updating your preferences, terminating specific services, contacting Wanxiangchupin Inc., at the address indicated in the next section "Information and Access" or withdrawing your consent to the processing according to our separate instructions. Use of your personal data. However, unless otherwise provided by applicable laws, you generally cannot withdraw from the processing of your personal data:(i)Regarding certain collection actions and further processing of your vehicle record data (please refer to the section "Agree" above);(ii)The actions we perform to send you important notices, such as changes to our terms and conditions and policies or product recalls;(iii)The actions we perform to fulfill our legal obligations.


We will only retain your personal data for the period necessary to achieve the purposes described in this policy or for the purposes otherwise notified to you.This means that after you agree to our processing of your personal data, we will retain your data in accordance with the agreed agreement and/or until you withdraw your consent. If you have revoked your consent, we can still retain certain personal data for a specified period of time so that we can fulfill our legal obligations and defend ourselves in legal disputes. If we have not obtained your consent for processing, the data will only be retained for the period permitted by law.

Data Quality
When processing your personal data, we do our best to ensure that it is accurate and up to date. We will try to delete or correct inaccurate or incomplete personal data. For more information about your right to ensure the accuracy of your personal data we hold, please refer to the next section "Information and Access".